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Page updated 2016-04-07

The research program Bisek is particularly focused on how the social conditions of households, elderly, children, and young people in cities and in rural areas, are affected by the economic conditions of owning and driving a car. Additionally, the social and economic impacts of new automobile technology as well as the availability of alternatives and/or substitutes for the car have been addressed in the research financed by Bisek.

Research results as well as an evaluation of the research programme Bisek 1 2005-2010 are available elsewhere at this site. The second phase, Bisek 2 for the period 2011-2016 is now in the finishing phase. The budget for Bisek 2 is 15 million Swedish kronor in total for the whole period.

The first research projects under Bisek 2 started in 2011. By April 2016 most project initiated under Bisek 2 are finished and reported. All reports that have been approved by the steering group are available for downloading from this site (report page). Conferences in Oslo and Stockholm reporting the results from Bisek 2 are scheduled for the first half of September 2016. Further information will be given on this web site

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